Welcome to Sacred Legacy Arts

Your worldwide leading designer for avant-garde breast milk & DNA keepsake jewelry design.

Sacred Legacy Arts creates high quality, handmade artisan keepsake jewelry out of your own tangible memories such as breast milk, a loved one's hair curls, a loved one's ashes, umbilical, flowers, fabric, and more.  

All of your elements are professionally preserved and hand cast into sacred legacy keepsake jewelry --creating tiny time capsules of wearable art out of the most precious, sacred moments of your life.

Our Promise To You....

Your own precious materials are used in each of your jewelry pieces.  We take great care to label and store each of your inclusions and we offer our 100% guarantee that the elements placed within your jewelry are your own. 

We maintain complete confidentiality for all of our customers and do not share your identity, information, or story without your express permission.  All of your packages and jewelry are treated with the utmost respect and care.  We also take great steps to stay in communication with you about your package during the designing of your art. 

Sacred Legacy Arts offers professional breast milk and element preservation with a guarantee of long lasting color and quality with proper jewelry care.  Every piece is hand preserved and hand cast by the artist from start to finish.  Long lasting, quality preservation can only be found through professional service and this is what we offer to you.  

Your jewelry will be as priceless and unique as the memories and stories captured within them. Thank you for investing in handmade legacies with Sacred Legacy Arts. 


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