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Our Vision....

Sacred Legacy Arts began in 2014 with the vision to create tiny time capsules of wearable art for families to preserve their most cherished memories in a tangible, sensory experience.  Instead of tucking mementos into little boxes that are rarely seen, Kelly wanted to find a way to take the memories that families usually save and turn them into beautiful works of art that could be worn and treasured. 

What Sets Us Apart....

Sacred Legacy Arts is a world class service focusing their efforts in the United States and Canada that continually leads the way in the DNA jewelry industy in avant-garde, innovative creativity with DNA Keepsake jewelry concepts that transforms the way mainstream society views such personal keepsakes.  Our brand is well known for innovating industry standards of premium, high end quality heirloom pieces while maintaining the integrity of sustainable, ethically sourced materials to create our art. Sacred Legacy Arts is the ONLY currently existing DNA artisan company who exclusively utilizes small business artisans to create our design repertoire and casts our precious metal settings in 100% ethically sourced, sustainable metals through a hand casting service in the USA.  When you invest your DNA memories into Sacred Legacy Arts jewelry, you can take pride in knowing that you participated in setting the industry's gold standard of advocating for fair trade, ethically created, sustainable art within the DNA jewelry field. 

We also partner with many charity and outreach efforts and ten percent of all our gross jewelry sales also go to a local maternity home for women in Indiana that assist the mothers-to-be with education, housing, employment, and steps to self sufficient empowerment.  

Simply put, we seek to revolutionize our industry with a commitment to create ethically made pieces that contribute towards making a difference in the lives of others in the global community. Your investment in our art makes you direct partners in creating a positive impact on our environment and communities!

We are so proud to work with all families from all walks of life.  Whether you seek out our jewelry to celebrate your breastfeeding journey, to remember your honeymoon memories, or to honor the loss of a loved one and keep a part of them close through jewelry or any other part of your personal legacy -- we are here to help you preserve these most hallmark moments of your life into the most intimate, unique concept that personalized jewelry has to offer. 

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