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Add-on - Coronation Crown Shadow Band

from 180.00

Please do not purchase this listing alone. To do so will result in an order cancellation according to our stated policy. These crown rings are solid metal and cannot accommodate a DNA inclusion - they are meant to be purchased in addition to one of our DNA keepsake designs. 

Inspired by the deep awareness of your rebirth as a mother - the passage from maiden to matriarch. Sacred Legacy Arts and Anueva Jewelry brings you these rings so that you may tangibly honor your journey and pass down your DNA Legacy heirloom pieces with jewels that hold timeless beauty fit for a queen. For it is your hands that hold and carry, nurture and embrace the next generation - should they not be adorned like the royalty that you are? You can find the Coronation Pear Ring here, and the Coronation Oval Ring here!

The ring is made through a process with ancient roots, called lost wax casting. Civilizations have been using the very same tried-and-true process to create jewelry for centuries. When you place an order, a wax version of your ring is made in your size, by hand. Through a multi-step process, that wax model disappears and it its place is solid silver or gold, exactly in the shape of your ring. Your ring is then hand-finished as we remove excess material and turn the dark, newly casted metal, into a bright, shiny piece. Many tools are used by hand at the jewelry bench to give your ring it’s final polished or satin finish. 

We are committed to caring for the environment. The gold and silver used in our pieces is reclaimed: totally post-consumer recycled and refined for purity again at the refinery. 

Sizes and Metals Available:

  • Sterling Silver

    • Any whole or half size 4 - 9

  • 14k white, yellow or rose gold

    • Any whole or half size 4 - 9

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