Lighthouse Series - North Star Necklace


Lighthouse Series - North Star Necklace


Our North Star necklace features a genuine 2mm opal above your DNA stone and was inspired by the guiding light of the North Star. An 8mm dna stone holds your own inclusions that serve as a tangible reminder of the northern starts that have guided you throughout your own journey. 

The Lighthouse Series is a very special collection of jewelry that allows you to partner with us to help families who have experienced a devastating loss in their family. Our benefactor program provides either free or greatly reduced cost DNA keepsakes to grieving families who have experienced both a loss and are experiencing extreme financial hardship during an already difficult time. Your investment in a Lighthouse Series piece helps to support our program of serving these families and helps to widen the number of grieving families we are able to create for who may not have the economical means to otherwise have a keepsake created. Thank you for partnering with us to be a beacon of hope and peace to those traveling through a storm.

Inclusions that can fit into our North Star Pendant:

  • Breastmilk

  • Milk & Hair - please note this combination cannot accommodate genuine crushed opals

  • Placenta

  • Ashes

  • Umbilical

  • Hair only

  • Sand/soil

  • Flower petals

  • This piece cannot accommodate multiple inclusions aside from milk & hair

  • Have other ideas? Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Metal Options:

This design is not available in sterling silver

  • 14k White Gold

  • 14k Yellow Gold

  • 14k Rose Gold

Chain is sold separately. 

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As your own inclusions are used in your sacred legacy keepsakes, all of our pieces are made to order, custom items. Thank you for supporting handmade!

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