Stone Creation Service: Sideways Oval Pendant


Stone Creation Service: Sideways Oval Pendant


For all minimalists, but with a twist! This design is similar to our Oval Charm, but lays on it’s side with a precious metal chain included. This design is 100% handmade and created to order by Rachael at Simply Chic. This sweet bezel is then professionally filled by Kelly here at Sacred Legacy Arts with your own preserved DNA stone. A delicate design that is so full of simple sweetness, it keeps your preserved inclusions the star of the show in a timeless and elegant presentation. This design is an 10x8mm bezel available in sterling silver, gold filled or rose gold filled.


  • First secure your purchase of the stone creation service by purchasing this listing.

  • Next, purchase this setting through Rachael at Simply Chic. Your setting will be created and shipped directly to you. You can purchase the Sideways Oval Pendant setting by clicking HERE!

  • Finally, ship both the setting and your elements to us here at SLA to create your final design! Please follow all directions in our Guide to Mailing Inclusions, with the exception of course of including your setting.

Please note that both listings must be purchased to proceed with the creation of this design.

Inclusions that can fit into our oval charm:

  • Breastmilk

  • Placenta

  • Ashes

  • Umbilical

  • Hair

  • Sand/soil

  • Flower petals

  • Our pieces cannot accommodate multiple inclusions

  • Have other ideas? Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Why is this a two part purchase? We have an exclusive collaboration with Simply Chic Jewelry that gives our customers access to many of her standard jewelry setting designs as well as a custom design collaboration that allows our customers to have a more personalized experience to determine how their jewelry setting will look at a more economical price point for them. In an effort to help make DNA keepsakes more widely available, we’ve arranged to have you purchase your Simply Chic settings directly from the metalsmith designer as a way to save cost to you. It also allows you to work more closely with this metalsmith so you can explore options to custom design your piece and see the setting before the DNA stone is cast so that you know what your customized setting will look like and you can approve of its design before mailing it in to us with your DNA elements.

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As your own inclusions are used in your sacred legacy keepsakes, all of our pieces are made to order, custom items. Thank you for supporting handmade!

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