Frequently Asked Questions



What is your current turn-around time?

Approximately 16-20 weeks from the time your inclusions are processed in our studio - this time frame is subject to change based on circumstances.  While it may take the full 20 weeks, most designs are completed and shipped before this date - however we do please request that you plan on a 20 week time frame in planning your purchase. We are a small business run by full-time mamas, and we work collaboratively with other small business - we ask for understanding if your item exceeds our stated turn-around time. 

Additional Turn-Around Time Considerations:

  • Please note we do specifically request additional turnaround time for designs created in collaboration with Anueva.

  • Turnaround time is based on the time your inclusions are processed, not from the date of order.

  • Many of our designs are collaborative, meaning that we await the setting from another artist creating hand-made settings. Delays caused by a collaborative artist are possible and can effect overall turn-around time.

Why are some items marked "Out of Stock"?

If a design style is marked "Out of Stock" or "Sold Out" that means that the amount of orders for that specific design has been reached for the month.  The reservation spots will reset on the 1st business day of every month. The exact time will be announced a few days prior to the update, so please check for updated information on Instagram or Facebook.  Due to the intensive time it takes to create each piece, Sacred Legacy Arts has to limit the amount of keepsake jewelry created each month.  DNA keepsake jewelry creation is an in depth process because your own inclusions are used, so every piece is essentially a custom order. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift codes.  Please email and let us know you would like to purchase a gift code and what amount you would like placed on it.  We will then create a custom order link in the store for your to purchase a code of the amount you specified.  Within one business day, you'll receive an email with a special code for that dollar amount off in the store that you can gift to your recipient.  All gift codes are to be used as "promo codes" during check-out. Please note that gift certificates are subject to the same return policy described below, and expire after one year.

How does the ordering process work?

  • Our process begins when you place your order on our website. Please review all Shop Policies prior to placing your order. All available design options can be seen in the listing for each piece, please see our Styling Guide for more information.

  • You will receive and order confirmation email with a link to our Guide to Mailing Inclusions. You can then package your inclusions and ship them to our studio - this must be done within 6 weeks of placing your order.

  • When your package arrives at our studio it is carefully inspected to ensure all of your inclusions arrived safely and that all labeling is correct. An email will be sent to you within 10 business days of your inclusion package’s delivery. Please carefully watch for this email - if it is marked as "*Reply Required" we have additional clarifications to make before putting your order in queue for creation. If you fail to reply to this email within 72 hours, we reserve the right to use artistic discretion in order to proceed with your design.

  • You will receive an email with a tracking number when your completed jewelry has shipped. Note you receive this email when your design has been packaged, not when it has been delivered to the post office. Please allow up to five (5) business days for the tracking information to update after you receive your shipment email. International customers can expect your packaged design to be delivered to the post office within ten (10) business days - we are unable to provide international orders with shipment tracking, however you will receive an email to inform you of shipment. 

Do you accept international orders?

Yes! We currently accept orders from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.  International customers need to select international shipping option at checkout and be sure to carefully read the "International Orders" section in our Guide to Mailing Inclusions.

How do I mail my inclusions to you?

Click here for our Guide to Mailing Inclusions

How much of each inclusion (breastmilk, placenta, ash etc.) is required?

Please refer to our Guide to Mailing Inclusions for a comprehensive list of all inclusions requirements.

When is "artistic discretion" utilized?

Many customers use our social media photos and design guide to inspire their design choices - which is exactly why we post so many photos! That said, our artist Kelly has many years of experience and does reserve the right to make necessary changes if she believes the requested design choices will result in jewelry that is not up to our high standards. We believe that our customers choose Sacred Legacy Arts based on design style and aesthetic, and for that reason we ask that your trust extend to our artist's judgement during creation. We will do everything we can based on many years of experience to utilize your design preferences and personal elements to create the best possible outcome for a beautiful piece that you can treasure for a lifetime.

We respect your elements and what they represent to you - if you are particularly sensitive about the outcome of your piece and granting artistic license is difficult for you at this time, we fully understand and recommend holding onto your elements to be preserved and created at a later time.

Can my design include multiple inclusions?

A small number of our designs can accommodate milk and hair - this will be noted in the individual listing. Multiple samples of the same element are fine - for example, you may send multiple locks of hair. Aside from those situations, multiple inclusions cannot be used in our designs.

I have already placed my order, but there is an error or I have changed my mind about what I want. Can I change or update my order?

All design choices that are considered final once check-out has been completed and no changes can be made. If you fail to make styling selections during check-out, your design will be subject to complete artistic discretion. Please be certain of the jewelry you wish to order before making your final selections. You may email us at anytime before placing your order if you would like to discuss design options and possibilities at

We are unable to make any changes to the information submitted during check-out. This includes email addresses and  shipping addresses. This is a limitation of our website platform and outside of our control. In the event you need to change your shipping address, please be sure to set up mail forwarding with the United States Postal Service.

What is your cancellation, refund or exchange policies?

Please see our Shop Policies page for complete details.

How do you mail back my jewelry?

All jewelry is shipped via USPS Priority shipping with tracking. We offer a selection of shipping options that offer various levels of insurance coverage. We currently offer up to $2000.00 in insurance, however for orders greater than $2000.00, please contact us previous to placing your order and full insurance coverage can be arranged.

Sacred Legacy Arts cannot be held responsible for post office loss, damage or theft either on the way to us or for your jewelry being sent home. Lost or damaged items will not be replaced free of charge, however we proudly offer a wide varity of insurance options via the USPS.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Treat your jewelry with care and like fine jewels.  We do not recommend showering, swimming, washing hands, or doing housework while wearing your jewelry.  Avoid all soaps, cleaners, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, essential oils, and other topical products while wearing your jewelry.  Avoid excessive heat and UV rays.  You will receive a jewelry care card with your finished package with full instructions

Why does my jewelry not look like the pieces on the website?

Every piece of jewelry is made individually by hand -so no two designs will ever look the same.  Element color, texture, the amount available and styling selections chosen are only some of the factors that determine how individual designs present when completed.  The photos on our website and social media pages are basic examples of the design style, and we are unable to guarantee any specific outcome. Please allow for variances in how your pieces look.

By choosing a handmade design and not a machine produced piece, you may also see evidence of that in your jewelry. Common variations in handmade DNA resin jewelry include small air bubbles, molding lines/seams, variations in element placement, and evidence of hand shaping and molding parts of your jewelry.  Very rarely is there uniform "perfection" in handmade resin work, and to invest in SLA jewelry is to invest in handmade workmanship and all the variations that can result.

What if I receive my package and I do not like my jewelry?

First, please refer to our Shop Policies.

Our devoted designer does absolutely everything she can to create quality, handmade pieces that you will love and cherish.  Please understand that every single piece is individually crafted by hand by one person - this means that there will be slight variations and from time to time, there will be minor imperfections especially compared to having a factory produced piece.  

Can discount or promo codes be applied to custom orders?

Discount codes such as “flash sales” cannot be applied toward custom orders or gift certificate purchases. Any custom order or gift certificates purchases that proceed with an applied promo or discount code will be cancelled following our cancellation polices listed above. Please note that Gift Certificate codes may be applied toward custom listings and gift certificate purchases.

Freedom from Liability:

Please be aware that by purchasing from Sacred Legacy Arts and sending in your inclusions that you free Sacred Legacy Arts, the designer, Kelly Howland, and all estate and associates of Kelly Howland from any liability of your sacred inclusions.  See Shop Policies and Legal Terms and Conditions for full legal disclaimer on freedom from liability.