Frequently Asked Questions



How is breastmilk and DNA jewelry created?

While we cannot tell you specifically how our design process works, our designer Kelly expertly preserves your breastmilk or DNA inclusion and sets it into a quality jeweler's resin for preservation and the durability for daily wear. 

How does the ordering process work?

Our process begins when you place your order on our website. All available design options can be seen in the listing for each piece, please see our Fleck & Shimmers Guide for more information. You will receive and order confirmation email with our shipping address and a link to our Guide to Mailing Inclusions. You can then package your inclusions and ship them to our studio - this must be done within 6 weeks of placing your order. When your package arrives at our studio it is carefully inspected to ensure all of your inclusions arrived safely and that all labeling is correct. You will receive an email from us the week we process your inclusions package. Please carefully watch for this email - if it is marked as "*Reply Required" we have additional clarifications to make before putting your order in queue for creation. If you fail to reply to this email within 72 hours, we reserve the right to use artistic discretion in order to proceed with your design.

You will receive an email with a tracking number when your completed jewelry has shipped. Note you receive this email when your design has been packaged, not when it has been delivered to the post office. Please allow five (5) business days for the tracking information to update after you receive your shipment email. International customers can expect your packaged design to be delivered to the post office within ten (10) business days - we are unable to provide international orders with shipment tracking, however you will receive an email to inform you of shipment. 

What is your current turn-around time?

Up to 16 weeks from the time your inclusions are processed in our studio.  While it may take the full 16 weeks, most designs are completed and shipped before this date - however we do please request that you plan on a 16 week time frame in planning your purchase.. Please note turn-around time is not from your date of purchase as we allow up to 6 weeks for you to send in your inclusions. Our turnaround time is currently extended from the usual due to our designer's very recent return from maternity leave.  Thank you for your understanding and commitment to handmade art!  

Why are some items marked as "Out of Stock" or "Sold Out"?

If a design style is marked "Out of Stock" or "Sold Out" that means that the amount of orders for that specific design has been reached for the month.  The reservation spots will reset on the 1st business day of every month. The exact time will be announced a few days prior to the update, so please check for updated information on Instagram or Facebook.  Due to the intensive time it takes to create each piece, Sacred Legacy Arts has to limit the amount of keepsake jewelry created each month.  DNA keepsake jewelry creation is an in depth process because your own inclusions are used, so every piece is essentially a custom order. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift codes.  Please email and let us know you would like to purchase a gift code and what amount you would like placed on it.  We will then create a custom order link in the store for your to purchase a code of the amount you specified.  Within one business day, you'll receive an email with a special code for that dollar amount off in the store that you can gift to your recipient.  All gift codes are to be used as "promo codes" during check-out. Please note that gift certificates are subject to the same return policy described above.

Do you accept international orders?

We accept orders from the US and Canada. Canadian customers will be asked to choose the international shipping option at checkout and be sure to carefully read the International Orders section in our Guide to Mailing Inclusions.

How do I mail my inclusions to you?

Click here for our Guide to Mailing Inclusions

How much of each inclusion (breastmilk, placenta, ash etc.) is required?

Please refer to our Guide to Mailing Inclusions for a comprehensive list of all inclusions requirements.

What does "artistic discretion" mean?

During check out you will be asked if you would like to defer to our artist for final design choices. These are the options available:

  • Allow complete artistic discretion
  • Allow small changes based on artist discretion
  • Allow only changes the artist deems as necessary - please see FAQ for full details.

Many customers use our social media photos and design guide to inspire their design choices - which is exactly why we post so many photos! That said, our artist Kelly has many years of experience and does reserve the right to make necessary changes if she believes the requested design choices will result in jewelry that is not up to our high standards. We believe that our customers choose Sacred Legacy Arts based on design style and aesthetic, and for that reason we ask that your trust extend to our artist's judgement during creation. We will do everything we can based on many years of experience to utilize your design preferences and personal elements to create the best possible outcome for a beautiful piece that you can treasure for a lifetime.

We respect your elements and what they represent to you - if you are particularly sensitive about the outcome of your piece and granting artistic license is difficult for you at this time, we fully understand and recommend holding onto your elements to be preserved and created at a later time.

Can my design include multiple inclusions?

We are no longer creating designs with multiple inclusions aside from designs that specify they can accommodate milk and hair together. All other designs can be created with a single inclusion only.

Do you create custom pieces? Can you use a heirloom jewelry setting that I provide?

All available design options are listed on our website. We do not create custom orders, and we do not work with settings aside from what is available there.

I need to update my mailing address. How do I do this?

We are unable to update your billing or shipping address in our systems. We strongly urge US customers to file a mail forwarding request with the United State Postal Service if the shipping address that has been provided to us is no longer valid. 

If you have entered your address incorrectly during the initial order process we will need to cancel your purchase and have you reorder.  You will be refunded for your initial purchase less 20% (per our cancellation policy), however the remainder of your purchase will be refunded once your new order has been placed less a $5 reorder fee. This must be done before you mail your inclusions package. Once your package has been processed we cannot update your address.

I have already placed my order, but I have changed my mind about what I want. Can I change or update my order?

All design choices that are considered final once check-out has been completed and no changes can be made. If you fail to make shimmer/fleck choices during check-out, your design will be subject to complete artistic discretion. Please be certain of the jewelry you wish to order before making your final selections. You may email us at anytime before placing your order if you would like to discuss design options and possibilities at

If an error has been made on your order, or you have changed your mind within 5 days of purchase and you have NOT mailed your inclusions package yet, we can to cancel your original order less a 20% convenience fee and you can reorder. Changing your design of choice is not possible after 5 days or after mailing your inclusions package. Please be certain of the jewelry you wish to order before making your final selections.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have shipped your inclusions there is no refund available.  If you have not sent your items in yet, you have five (5) days from your purchase date to cancel your order with a 20% convenience fee deducted from the total cost of your order.  After 5 days past your order date, orders are non-refundable whether you send in your items or not. We create a limited amount of designs per month, and when you place an order you are reserving a spot for a custom creation. Please be mindful of this and only place orders you intend to fill.

How do I check on my order status?

We very strongly recommend that you purchase a tracking number on your inclusions package so you can know when your package has arrived to the studio, however you will receive an email the week we process your package. Do not be alarmed if postal tracking says your package has arrived and we have not sent you a confirmation email the same day - you will receive a notice within the week.

We ship all jewelry the same week it is completed, and you will receive an email notifying you that your design has been packaged for shipment. Domestic orders will also receive a tracking number.

We are unable to update you on your order aside from providing the above information because all designs are shipped the same week they are created - so if you have not received an email alerting you your design is finished, that means it is still in queue for creation! 

How do you mail back my jewelry?

For all domestic (USA) orders, we use USPS Priority Shipping and you will receive a tracking number in your email through the store website that will allow you to track your package all the way to your doorstep.  This takes between 2-5 business days for you to receive your package.

For all Canadian orders, we use USPS International Priority Mail. The time it takes to get to your country depends not only upon where you are in relation to the USA but any customs operations for your home country. International Priority Mail takes between 5-10 days according to the USPS. 

How do I care for my jewelry?

Treat your jewelry with care and like fine jewels.  We do not recommend showering, swimming, washing hands, or doing housework while wearing your jewelry.  Avoid all soaps, cleaners, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, essential oils, and other topical products while wearing your jewelry.  Avoid excessive heat and UV rays.  You will receive a jewelry care card with your finished package with full instructions

Why does my jewelry not look like the pieces on the website?

Every piece of jewelry is made by hand and made individually. This means that no two pieces will ever be the same.  Textures, colors, amounts used, and other factors all go in to how each individual piece turns out.  The photos on the website are basic examples of the design style and there is no guarantee that your piece will look identical. Please allow for variances in how your pieces look.

A NOTE ABOUT HANDMADE JEWELRY: Because you've chosen to have a handmade piece and not a machine produced piece, you may also see evidence of that in your jewelry. Common variations in handmade DNA resin jewelry include small air bubbles, molding lines and seams, variations in placements, and evidence of hand shaping and molding parts of your jewelry.  Very rarely is there uniform "perfection" in handmade resin work, and to invest in SLA jewelry is to invest in handmade and all the variations that may come with your piece. 

Will my milk change color over time? Why are different milk pieces different colors?

The color should remain the same as when you receive it if you care for it properly. If the color goes off at the fault of our production, we will remake the piece for you for just the cost of shipping. Please see our policy on Breastmilk Jewelry Guarantee below in this document. 

Everyone's milk is different! The same woman's milk can change from week to week.  Your milk is unique to YOU which is why you will see a variety of shades and tones represented in the milk. 

What if I receive my package and I do not like my jewelry?

First, please refer to our refunds policy which can be found in our checkout process as well as at the bottom of this page.

Your designer does absolutely everything she can to create quality, handmade pieces that you will love and cherish.  Please understand that every single piece is individually crafted by hand by one person.  As stated in the section above, this means that there will be slight variations and from time to time, there will be minor imperfections especially compared to having a factory produced piece.  We understand that these are special, sensitive pieces with priceless inclusions but each of those inclusions in themselves are unique and will react differently in the creation process. 

Hair may lay differently in different places, bead caps may not be 100% flush, there may be faint evidence of hand formed edges, and small air bubbles in your resin jewelry is very possible.  If you are very unsatisfied with your jewelry and you believe there was a large flaw that could have been managed, please email photos to us and we will look at each piece and determine on a case-by-case basis if your concerns are considered within the normal range of handmade jewelry or if a repair or remake of your piece is warranted.  

We care very much about your sacred legacies and doing our absolute best to do them justice in the creation of your precious keepsakes.

Our Breastmilk Jewelry Color Guarantee and Policy:

Your breastmilk is preserved by the designer to ensure long lasting life and quality within your jewelry.  It has taken a lot of work from testing various preservation methods to find the tried and true way to keep your breastmilk jewelry preserved and free from discoloration.  Your precious milk jewelry should not discolor due to preservation of the milk.

If a piece of breastmilk jewelry is going to discolor due to a milk preservation error, in our professional experience, it will happen within the first six months of life.  For this reason, we offer a six month guarantee on our breastmilk jewelry.  It is very important to follow all of our jewelry care instructions such as not showering with your jewelry on, exposing it to direct sunlight or prolonged heat, or chemicals, or submerging it in water because your breastmilk jewelry is coated in a quality jeweler's resin which is essentially a hard plastic.  Mistreatment and improper care of your precious jewelry can lead to discoloration or warping of the piece.  

We offer a six month guarantee on our milk jewelry. If your jewelry becomes discolored before six months from its creation, we are happy to examine the jewelry.  If in our professional opinion, the milk jewelry has discolored as a result of a milk preservation error and not due to improper jewelry care, we will remake the piece for you at our cost.  We reserve a small amount of milk from all orders in case of an emergency such as a lost postal package and your spare milk will be used to replicate your piece.  

Milk jewelry will discolor within the first six months of life if not properly preserved, this is why we only guarantee the piece for six months.  If anything happens to the jewelry piece after six months of life, then it is because of improper jewelry care such as exposure to heat, chemicals, or water submersion and that is the responsibility of the jewelry caretaker. 

We are very confident in our milk preservation method and that it is very effective.  Because it is a very lengthy process and each step is done by hand, there is a rare chance of human error despite our absolute best efforts.

Freedom from Liability:

Please be aware that by purchasing from Sacred Legacy Arts and sending in your inclusions that you free Sacred Legacy Arts, the designer, Kelly Howland, and all estate and associates of Kelly Howland from any liability of your sacred inclusions.  It is requested above that you DO NOT send the very last of any of your inclusions and that you reserve some at home.  For inclusions that you send, we are released from ALL liability or legal pursuit for any accidents or loss to your inclusions including a fire, flood, studio robbery, Act of God, or other accident.  Your order and sending of inclusions implies your agreement and understanding of this policy. 

Return/Refund Policy:

Upon receiving your order, you have THREE (3) days to contact Sacred Legacy Arts regarding an exchange or remake of your jewelry. Sacred Legacy Arts does not offer refunds. When contacting us regarding concerns about your jewelry, please send clear photos and a detailed description to

Each complaint is judged by the designer on a case by case basis.  We offer exchanges or remakes when an item has a clear fault beyond the normal range of handmade variations.  You can see definitions of what is considered a normal variations in our handmade jewelry in our FAQ page, Guide to Mailing Inclusions page, and in our Fleck & Shimmer Guide page. Determining if a design concern is warranting an exchange, modification, or remake is at the discretion of the designer. Note that things such as small air bubbles within the piece, molding lines, evidence of hand forming and hand sanding, bead caps may not sit 100% flush, and other small imperfections are all within the normal range of handmade jewelry versus having a machine produced piece that you might buy in a commercial store. By purchasing from Sacred Legacy Arts, you understand that your piece will not be “flawless” and are happy to purchase a handmade versus commercially made product.

Exchanges or remakes are not covered by Sacred Legacy Arts if it has been longer than three days since you received your jewelry and failed to promptly notify us of your concerns or if the designer has determined that your jewelry concerns fall within the realm of handmade variations.  You must send your jewelry back to us within THIRTY (30) days of reporting the faulty jewelry to us.

Sacred Legacy Arts is not, under any circumstances, responsible for loss or damage in shipping.  We do not take responsibility for other businesses and their handling such as the United States Postal Service and other mail carriers. 

If you have shipped your inclusions and we have begun the process of preserving your milk or creating your jewelry, there is no refund available.  If you have not sent your items in yet, you have five (5) days from your purchase date to cancel your order with a 20% convenience fee deducted from the total cost of your order.  After 5 days past your order date, orders are non-refundable whether you send in your items or not. This is because not only do many of our designs require us ordering supplies for your design such as sized metal ring settings, but we only create a limited amount of designs per month.  When you place an order, you are essentially reserving a spot for a custom creation.  To take that spot and then not utilize it is to take the opportunity of that reservation spot away from someone else.  Because this is limited creation space, custom work, we cannot issue refunds. Please be mindful of this and only place orders you intend to fill.