6mm Smooth Round Cabochon


6mm Smooth Round Cabochon


This listing is to purchase a loose DNA stone, professionally preserved and cast by Sacred Legacy Arts to be set into a jewelry setting by your jeweler or metalsmith of choice, including our aspiring at-home jewelers! This is a 6mm round cabochon stone with a flat back and a smooth, rounded top.

Inclusions suggested but not limited to:

  • Breastmilk

  • Placenta

  • Ashes

  • Umbilical

  • Sand/soil

  • Flower petals

  • This design cannot accommodate hair

  • This design cannot accommodate multiple inclusions

  • Have other ideas? Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Once added to your cart you will be prompted choose styling effects for your DNA stone. If you have any questions about the styling options, please consult with us before placing your order, as all design selections are final.

Please note: When setting our DNA stones, methods requiring heat or flame will damage or destroy the stone. Our stones are made using a jeweler's grade resin which is strong and durable but is essentially a "plastic." This stone should be set with extreme care and treated as a very soft stone, as it is possible to scratch this stone if treated roughly or without care.

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As your own inclusions are used in your sacred legacy keepsakes, all of our pieces are made to order, custom items. Thank you for supporting handmade!

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