Guide to Mailing Inclusions


It is extremely important that you read this

document fully and follow all instructions. 


All orders placed after May 2017 must mail inclusions within SIX WEEKS of placing an order. Failure to do so may result in voiding your original order in exchange for a store credit that can be used to re-order at your convenience. Please note that if we no longer carry your original design you will be unable to re-order it.

Our mailing address is as follows: 

Sacred Legacy Arts

P.O. Box 1360

South Bend, IN 46624



Packaging & Shipment labeling:

  • DO NOT send your package via FedEx or UPS. They are unable to deliver to P.O. Boxes and we cannot to go to their offices to retrieve packages. Your package will be returned to you for reshipment.
  • If you are sending registered mail requiring a signature, be sure you are sending it to our P.O. Box. Any registered mail coming directly to the studio may be returned to the sender as we cannot guarantee we will be there at the time of delivery. 
  • Write your order number(s) on the outside of your package. Please also clearly label your return address on the package.
  • A bubble lined envelope is ideal for all types of inclusions. Please do NOT send large boxes.
  • We highly recommend purchasing shipment tracking.

Inclusion Labeling

Please see "Inclusion-Specific Instructions" below for details on various elements.

  • DO NOT send us the last of any materials you have such as ashes, hair, or even the last of your milk. We can usually work with less than requested, please email us for details.
  • Double bag your inclusions. Triple bag milk. Bag each inclusion item separately if sending multiple types of elements, however same elements do not need to be bagged separately for multiple pieces. Breastmilk storage bags work best for shipping breastmilk. 
  • Mark your name and order number clearly on ALL your bagged items.


It is CRITICAL to include ALL of the following information: 

Please place a printout of your order confirmation, or write by hand and place in a separate plastic bag to prevent damage.

  • Your name on each bag
  • Order number(s) on each bag
  • Design(s) being created, and which inclusions are to be used for each design
  • Design specifics such as fleck/shimmer/tint choices for each design
  • Ring size(s)
  • Metal type/color for all settings and findings for each design

Please note that all design choices made in the online order are considered "final" - no adjustments can be made to your order once it has been placed. Orders placed that fail to indicate design choices will be subject to complete artistic discretion. Any discrepancies between written instructions and the online order instructions will also be subject to artistic discretion.



Every piece of jewelry is made individually by hand. This means that no two pieces will ever be the same.  Textures, colors, amounts used, and other factors all go in to how each individual piece turns out. By ordering through Sacred Legacy Arts you have chosen to have a handmade piece and you may see evidence of that in your jewelry. Common variations in handmade DNA resin jewelry include small air bubbles, molding lines and seams, variations in placements, and evidence of hand shaping and molding parts of your jewelry. Very rarely is there uniform "perfection" in handmade resin work, and to invest in SLA jewelry is to invest in handmade and all the variations that may come with your piece. 




Placenta Powder:

  • Two capsules OR
  • 1-2 teaspoons of dehydrated and ground placenta powder
  • We only work with dehydrated and ground placenta powder from the encapsulation process.  Please do not send frozen or raw placenta. We recommend consulting a professional encapsulator to preserve placenta, however you can find instructions for dehydrating placenta yourself online. 
  • Remaining placenta powder will not be returned after creation - please do not send us the last of your placenta powder.

Breast Milk:

  • One ounce (30ml) is ideal, however 10-15 ml of milk will suffice for the majority of our designs. 
  • If sending multiple person's milk, make sure their names are clearly labeled on the appropriate milk bag. 
  • Milk storage bags are best. If using ziplock bags, please triple bag and tape shut. Storage containers such as bottles are unnecessary, however should you send one please note it will not be returned. 
  • When shipping breastmilk from within the United States you will need to declare the package as containing liquid if asked. You should not need to do anything else for shipping purposes and you do not need to specify that you are shipping breastmilk.  
  • Your milk does not need to be frozen or kept cool. Please send pre-thawed milk otherwise condensation may damage your package and other inclusions. 
  • Remaining breastmilk will not be returned after creation - please do not send us the last of your milk.

Umbilical Stump:

  • One half of an umbilical stump is enough for a single piece. 
  • Only send dried umbi stumps or part of a dehydrated cord.
  • Stumps are ground in the studio for inclusion into your piece.
  • Remaining umbilical stump will not be returned after creation - please do not send us the entirety of your umbilical stump.


  • One teaspoon is required per design.  Less can be utilized in smaller designs, please email us if you have questions or concerns. 
  • Any ashes not utilized in your design will be returned with your jewelry. 
  • For ashes especially, please do not send us all that you have.


  • A lock of hair 1" long is ideal to make a single piece of keepsake jewelry.
  • Tie each lock together with string before bagging.
  • Remaining hair will not be returned after creation - please do not send us the entirety of your hair element.

Other elements:

  • Any other natural elements such as dried flower petals, fabric, sand or soil can simply be bagged and appropriately labeled. Please note that flowers can very rarely be left whole during the creation process.
  • Remaining elements will not be returned after creation - please do not send us the all of your elements.


Sacred Legacy Arts cannot be held responsible for post office loss either on the way to us or for your jewelry being sent home. Please keep some of your inclusions at home with you and do not send everything you have. 



  • It is very important that you include a note within your milk, ash or hair inclusion package that states: "Of Human Origin. For therapeutic use only." 
    • It is illegal to send into the United States milk of ANIMAL origin such as cow or goat milk. It is not illegal to send human milk. 
  • You must mark the item as a "gift" with the value being $1 on your customs form. 
    • It is illegal to sell or purchase breastmilk, however a "gift" is not considered a purchase.
  • Declare any inclusion as "jewelry making material" on the customs form.  
    • For hair you may write "hair", for ashes you may write "ash", and for placenta simply write "capsule for jewelry making". 
  • Sacred Legacy Arts is not responsible for any of your country's customs fees for having merchandise imported into your country.  Any additional shipping fees or customs fees that your country places on your package is your responsibility to manage.  We cannot mark your customs form on the jewelry package as a "gift," because it is merchandise that you have purchased and to do so is illegal in the USA. 



We process packages once weekly, and we will email you the day it is processed. Please carefully watch for this email - if it is marked as "Reply Required" we have additional clarifications to make before putting your order in queue for creation. If you fail to reply to this email within 72 hours, we reserve the right to use artistic discretion in order to proceed with your design.

We do not process packages into the studio every day. If your tracking number indicates that package has been delivered and we do not email you the same day, please do not be alarmed - you should hear from us within one work week. If your package has been marked as delivered and you do not hear from us within 7 business days please email an inquiry to including your order number. 

Our current turnaround time is available in our FAQ section. Be mindful of our turnaround time when emailing for updates on your jewelry.  We thank you for your patience and understanding that this is individually hand crafted jewelry and such precious work takes time.

We cannot provide updates while your piece is in queue or being created. All orders ship the same week they are finished.

You will receive an email with a tracking number when your completed jewelry has shipped.  Please note you receive this email when your design has been packaged, not when it has been delivered to the post office. Please allow five business days for the tracking information to update after you receive your shipment email. International customers can expect your packaged design to be delivered to the post office within ten (10) business days - we are unable to provide international orders with shipment tracking, however you will receive an email to inform you of shipment. 

We are honored that you have entrusted us with your precious keepsake inclusions. We look forward to playing a role in helping you memorialize this part of your journey. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.