Client Responsibilities Before Placing an Order

  1. Client is responsible to have read and understood all policies, terms and conditions in full.

  2. Client is responsible to have read and understood the website FAQ page and other website information in full.

  3. The client is responsible to have read and understood the shipping guide in full.

  4. The client agrees to secure in advance required elements, in appropriate amounts, to create the desired product before placing an order.

  5. Client agrees to send elements for creation into jewelry within six weeks of placing an order. Failure to do so may result in voiding of original order for store credit that can be applied to a new order.  Any pending order, gift certificate or store credit is valid for 12 months from the date of original purchase. Any pending order, gift certificate or store credit not utilized before 12 months from the date of the original purchase will not be honored or refunded.

  6. Client agrees to under no circumstances send the very last of any elements to Sacred Legacy Arts for preservation and agrees to reserve some of these elements at home.


Client Responsibilities After Placing an Order

  1. Client agrees to send inclusions to Sacred Legacy Arts within 6 weeks.

  2. Client agrees to inspect completed pieces immediately upon receipt.

  3. Client agrees to contact Sacred Legacy Arts via email within three days of receiving their order as indicated by the delivery time stamp on the postal tracking regarding any errors, discrepancies, or other concerns about the physical product

  4. Client agrees to follow all jewelry care instructions in order to preserve the quality of their jewelry.


Terms and Policies

By placing an order and completing a purchase with Sacred Legacy Arts the customer is expressing agreement to be bound by all shop policies, terms and conditions. Customer understands that a tangible jewelry product will be created using their own elements provided and mailed to the Sacred Legacy Arts studio at their own expense, and it is these elements that will be used to create their personal DNA jewelry.

By choosing to place an order with Sacred Legacy Arts and use the elements of their choice for preservation, the customer understands that we are using natural elements that have expected variations and that the completed piece may not resemble any completed pieces that have been seen, photographed and published by Sacred Legacy Arts onto their website or any social media pages.  These photographs are intended to be a catalog of previous work and do not guarantee any specific outcome of any particular piece. This includes but is not limited to color of the finished piece, placement or settling of inclusions, textures, or other visual differences.

By placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, the customer understands that the elements provided to be created into jewelry will be the largest determining factor in the final look and outcome of the piece and that this is beyond the control of the creator.

By placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, the customer understands that with all custom created/made-to-order we cannot guarantee a final outcome or guarantee specific satisfaction of the customer for the final outcome of a particular piece. The customer agrees to examine the portfolio of Sacred Legacy Arts to determine if the style and artistic eye and skill of the designer meets the customer's artistic preference while understanding that no previously created work is guaranteed to be replicated.

The customer agrees that more satisfaction issues can arise if there are unclear or ambiguous requests and instructions given or incorrect information supplied. The customer understands that Sacred Legacy Arts holds no responsibility for any final outcome that does not meet the customer's satisfaction that is a result of incorrect or ambiguous information given by the customer. Please note that Sacred Legacy Arts is always available for consultation prior to placing an order, and we encourage all customer to take advantage to that opportunity.


Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

By placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, the customer understands that they have five consecutive days to cancel said order, and that there will be a 20% cancellation fee of the total order cost, not to exceed $75 withheld. You understand that after five consecutive days, no cancellation or refund will be available at all.

By placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, the customer understands that there are no returns available for our products due to the highly personal elements and nature of this type of product. Customer understands that there are no exchanges available at any time for completed or in process jewelry.

By placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, the customer understands that after five consecutive days, there are no refunds for any orders regardless of whether the customer sends in elements for creation. Failure to send in elements to be created into jewelry does not warrant a refund for any placed order.



Sacred Legacy Arts offers a 30 day warranty for any jewelry settings sourced through our business. Any failure of our jewelry settings within 30 days of receiving your jewelry as indicated by the postal tracking delivery timestamp will be considered a manufacturing error and will be rectified as deemed necessary by Sacred Legacy Arts. Customers experiencing any manufacturer defects to their jewelry settings are expected to contact Sacred Legacy Arts immediately to arrange rectification of the issue and are expected to mail their defective item back to Sacred Legacy Arts within two weeks of contact about the issue.  Jewelry not mailed back within this two week time frame will not be addressed and rectified by Sacred Legacy Arts.

Please be advised that our 30 day setting guarantee only applies to complete jewelry settings that are purchased directly through Sacred Legacy Arts. Any jewelry parts such as wire wrapping services or jewelry settings (rings, pendants, etc) obtained and purchased separately from Sacred Legacy Arts are purchased at the sole discretion and responsibility of the customer. We do not accept responsibility for any design work or jewelry settings purchased separately from another artist to be used with our DNA artistry. The customer assumes responsibility for these pieces and assumes sole responsibility if their separately purchased jewelry setting becomes damaged or broken. Sacred Legacy Arts will not remake or repair a DNA stone for free that is set into a broken and irreparable jewelry setting that was purchased separately outside of Sacred Legacy Arts.

Warranty defects do not include any issues that appear to be the result of improper care by the customer or abusive use to the jewelry and these circumstances are determined at the sole discretion of Sacred Legacy Arts. This warranty does not include improper or abusive treatment and handling of the jewelry by the customer or anyone else in contact with the jewelry, including professional jewelers with the exception of Sacred Legacy Art’s collaborating metalsmiths. Any damage or breakage to the jewelry after 30 days will fall outside this warranty period and is not the responsibility of Sacred Legacy Arts, and by placing an order with Sacred Legacy Arts, you agree to our warranty terms.

The quality and longevity of your DNA gem has no specific warranty attached to it because the long lasting quality of the DNA gem is directly determined by the care and treatment is received from the recipient. The customer understands that following all jewelry care instructions provided by Sacred Legacy Arts is absolutely critical to the integrity of the DNA gem quality and life and that Sacred Legacy Arts will not be responsible for any damage, loss, repair or attention needed to any DNA gems that have resulted in improper handling and care by the wearer. Breastmilk DNA gemstones are professionally preserved and will not discolor with proper care as described by our jewelry care instructions, which are available both online and on the care card provided by Sacred Legacy Arts.