Styling Guide

Please note that all styling choices are final when placing your order, so please consider your decisions carefully. Contact us anytime before placing your order to discuss design specifics at


Breastmilk Design Options

  • By default, all milk jewelry will be made with genuine crushed opals unless otherwise noted in the design listing.
  • Pearl or gold shimmer can also be added by request.
  • Moonstone shimmer may be selected instead of opals, however  we cannot combine moonstone shimmer with our genuine opals for aesthetic purposes.
  • Pure breastmilk  (without stones/shimmer) will continue to be an option.

Non-Milk Design Options

  • By default, all non- milk pieces will contain genuine diamond dust.
  • Pearl or gold shimmer can also be added by request.
  • Smoke shimmer is available for ash, placenta and umbilical inclusions.
  • Pure non-milk inclusions (without diamond dust or shimmers) will continue to be an option.
  • Our Galaxy Effect styling  will continue to be available by request - diamond dust is not available in galaxy effect designs, which are made with pearl shimmer.

Hair-Only Design Options

  • By default, hair-only pieces will  be set into a background of our clear flecks, which we have found is the most universally pleasing option for all hair inclusions.
  • Pearl or gold shimmer can also be added by request.


Diamond Dust & Shimmer Options

Genuine Diamond Dust is available for use with any non-milk element. It adds sparkle and a touch of elegance to any design.

Pearl shimmer is available for use with any element. It has cool, silvery tones and adds sparkle while honoring the element's natural colors.

Gold shimmer is available for use with any element. It enhances warm, creamy tones in breastmilk. 

Moonstone shimmer is available for use with breastmilk only, and cannot be used with the Genuine Opals. It whitens and brightens milk, and decreases yellow tones. It has a swirling mother-of-pearl effect.

Smoke shimmer is available for use in ashes, umbilical and placenta only. It is a dark, gunmetal color and a great choice for a more masculine look. Since smoke shimmer is quite dark it often "hides" the element preserved within, which can be a great option for a more discreet look.


Tinting Options

Tints are available for breastmilk inclusions only. Custom colors are not available. Please note that the elements you send in are the predominant determining factor in overall presentation of your design, please allow for wide variation in final color presentation.

  • lavender
  • russet red
  • sunshine yellow
  • emerald green
  • cobalt blue
  • chocolate brown
  • hot pink

Additional Styling Considerations

  • Dried flowers must often be broken down and crushed and can rarely be left whole. For very small bezels, flowers may require powdering.
  • Both ashes and hair become a slightly deeper color when encased in jewelry versus when "dry".

An Important Note About Handmade Jewelry:

Every piece of jewelry is made by hand and made individually. This means that no two pieces will ever be the same.  Textures, colors, amounts used, and other factors all go in to how each individual piece turns out.  The photos on the website are basic examples of the design style and there is no guarantee that your piece will look identical. Please allow for variances in how your pieces look.

By ordering through Sacred Legacy Arts you have chosen to have a handmade piece and you may see evidence of that in your jewelry. Common variations in handmade DNA resin jewelry include small air bubbles, molding lines and seams, variations in placements, and evidence of hand shaping and molding parts of your jewelry. Very rarely is there uniform "perfection" in handmade resin work, and to invest in SLA jewelry is to invest in handmade and all the variations that may come with your piece.